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I was asked on my Facebook page (in my joint capacity as a free speech advocate and bona fide Joo) for my thoughts on the sacking of Gina Carano from The Mandalorian. For those who missed it, Carano apparently has some history of sharing Trumpite conspiracy theories, anti-mask material, etc. But what ultimately got her cancelled was comparing the plight of American conservatives to Jews in early-Nazi Germany.

This is the kind of event that makes me hate both sides in the culture war. I’m not a conservative, a Trump fan or an anti-masker, and often these people are annoying…

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I began the Sex & Censorship campaign in 2013 in order to cast light on UK government attempts to censor the Internet (attempts which are now worryingly close to fruition), and to oppose feminist-led moral panics for the censorship of sexual expression. I assembled a broad coalition of support, including sex-positive feminists. What I hadn’t bargained for was a widespread belief among my allies that gender was a social construct.

I was familiar with social constructionist ideas, which had been popularised in the second wave feminist movement of the 1960s. My mother, in common with much of her generation, had…

Explaining the well-documented, strange phenomenon

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Americans, especially young Americans, have seen a recent, and very significant, decline in sexual activity. Much of the commentary about this “sex recession” treats it as a puzzle, with the cause yet to be determined. Most likely, it’s a combination of multiple trends that have, in economics terms, reduced both the supply and demand for sexual relationships.

The latest data from the U.S. General Social Survey (GSS) shows that the proportion of Americans who did not have any sex in the past year has drifted upwards from under 20 percent to around 23 percent today. Somewhat more dramatically, the number…

Jerry Barnett

Jerry is an author and campaigner who writes about censorship, sex, race, science and identity politics. He is the author of Porn Panic!

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